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Are NFTs Dumb or Brilliant? Should You Buy One?

You’re going to get polarizing opinions on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It’s like politics. Everyone has an opinion. Some say it’s incredible or brilliant. Others think it’s the stupidest idea humans have invented. Why the heck […]

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The Fascinating Flowers and Falls of Table Mountain. What You Need to Know.

The amazing landscape of Table Mountain should be on everyone’s list to see this next year. From the magnificent waterfalls that emerge in fall and winter to the unbelievable spring wildflower blooms, there is always […]

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Yosemite is the Greatest Location on Planet Earth.

I’ve been going to Yosemite National Park my whole life. Its massive granite formations, such as El Capitan, can be found in central California. My parents first brought me to Upper Pines campground when I […]

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Lumachrome TruLife, Metal, Canvas, Photographic Paper? Which is the best?

With the advances in technology and printing, you can practically print on anything in today’s market. I worked for a Canon America partner for a number of years, and they had a 6 foot flatbed […]

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