The Table Mountain Collection

Artistic Images of Table Mountain in Northern California

This Table Mountain collection of images offers a variety of stunning photography showcasing the beauty and natural wonder of the North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve in Northern California. Visitors to this gallery will be treated to images of snow capped mountains, lush fields of wildflowers, and magnificent oak trees. Set in Oroville, California, Table Mountain is known for its captivating landscapes with an abundance of seasonal waterfalls and wildflowers.

In the winter months you can expect to see snow settling on top of the mountain peak as well as some horned lizards, hawks, meadow larks and turkey vultures taking shelter in its many nooks and crannies. Come springtime the mountain explodes with a vibrant array of colors from wildflower blooms like lupines that blanket the landscape, which are only made possible by the grazing cows that eat away at the thatch and grass that would otherwise prevent their growth.

Summer brings hot temperatures to Table Mountain, but it’s still worth exploring due to its night sky views perfect for astrophotography enthusiasts looking to capture the Milky Way or, if you're lucky, a blood moon eclipse. Autumn brings color to Table Mountain with leaves changing colors before falling off and winter again gives way to snow topped mountains making for a beautiful backdrop in your photographs.

Table Mountain is truly a sight worth visiting any time throughout the year. However, if you’re wanting to explore Table Mountain while getting hands-on guidance and advice from an experienced photographer, then consider contacting me for a personal one-on-one workshop. If you’re looking for prints make sure you check out my collection here within the Table Mountain Gallery!