About Jeremy Vesely | Fine Art Photographer & Artist

Artist Statement

Some people say that art is a universal language. I like to think of it as my native tongue. Fine art photographs are the best way I know how to communicate my feelings and experiences when I was there, in that location. And, like any language, it has its own history and culture. In many ways, my narrative is intertwined with the intrigue and beauty of landscape photography. As a teenager, my younger brother got into photography. He had a great eye for compositions. I would look at his photographs, wanting to do what he did. I didn’t have any formal training in photography, but that didn’t stop me from trying to express my experiences through it. As I grow older, I realize that my photographs aren’t just about capturing the scene in front of me; it is about communicating something that can’t be expressed in words. And that’s what makes it unique. It’s a way to connect with the world around me and share my authentic experience with others.

When we show and talk about art, we are often sharing a part of ourselves with the world. Whether it’s a painting, a poem, music, or a photograph, art is a way we communicate a part of our personality. For many people, having art in their homes is a way to share their stories with others. It’s a way to connect with others and create a sense of belonging.

One of the things I love most about being a fine art photographer is that I am constantly meeting new people and hearing their stories. I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with people from all walks of life and participate in something that can’t be duplicated without art. I get the privilege of being a part of it, and I’m always amazed by how individuals interpret and relate to my work in different ways.

Art has the power to connect us to others in a way that nothing else can. It gives us a way to share our stories, and to see the stories of others. Through art, we can gain empathy for experiences that we have never personally gone through. We can see the world from a new perspective, and learn to appreciate the complexities of life. Art also has the ability to inspire change. It can challenge us to think about the world in a new way, and to fight for what is right. In a world that is often divided, art can be a powerful force for unity. That is why it is so important for me to share my stories with others through art. I hope that by doing so, I can help to create a more connected and compassionate world.

Artist Bio

Jeremy Vesely is an award-winning landscape photographer based out of Paradise, CA and is known for his unique composition and dramatic artistry of his local surroundings.

In the field, you will experience his immense joy and excitement over a majestic landscape. His ultimate desire is to bring that same joy and excitement to those who view his work. Armed with a passion and a keen eye for landscape photography, he has been able to show Northern California in a completely new light. Using creative compositions and a consistently evolving processing technique, with a focus on intense color and light, Jeremy has created some of the best photographic art Northern California has to offer.

Jeremy’s photographs have been published worldwide in a variety of media ranging from calendars, books, advertising, and the publications/websites of Outdoor Photographer, National Geographic, International Photographer of the Year, and many more. His work, as well as the opportunity to purchase prints, can be found on his Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

A Grand Sunrise on Lumachrome

A Grand Sunrise on Lumachrome TruLife with a Custom Knotty Alder Frame, by Jeremy Vesely Photography.