NFTs | Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on the NFT offerings by Jeremy Vesely Photography.

How can I find out about new releases?

New releases will be scheduled a few days to a week ahead of time for each collection. You'll find a release date and time referenced under each image in the collections. I will also be posting about each new release under my NFT Twitter Account.

How can I find available NFTs for sale?

When the time comes and the NFT becomes available, I will post a direct link to the NFT that is available underneath the image in the respective collection. All my NFTs are being released on

Are your NFTs being randomly minted?

Unlike many NFTs available on the marketplace currently, all of my images are 100% original photography taken by myself. Many hours went into these images to travel to the locations, take the photos, and process these images into the art you see today. Each NFT is hand-chosen by myself and posted to my site manually. Each NFT is also manually minted by myself as well to ensure that the quality of the NFTs meets my expectations.

Will the images contain your signature or watermark?

No. Only the images that are posted online contain my signature. All NFTs will be minted without the signature and sold without it as well.

How much will it cost to mint?

My Yosemite Collection starts at 50 ADA and increases 25 ADA for every release. Other collections start at 40 ADA and increase 20 ADA for every release.

How many of each NFT is available in the collections?

Only 1. Each NFT in every collection will only ever be released once as an NFT and each will only have a supply of 1. They will all be exclusive to the collector that buys them and won't ever be released in another collection or on another blockchain.

Why did you choose the Cardano (ADA) blockchain?

As explained in my blog post, Cardano was the most energy efficient blockchain of them all. It was 155 THOUSAND times more efficient than Ethereum (ETH), at the time. As a landscape photographer, I love nature and hate anything that destroys it. While I won't go into my personal beliefs on climate change, I believe I should be personally responsible for any effect I may have on our amazing planet Earth. This effect includes my carbon footprint and I just couldn't get on board with the massive amount of energy required for Ethereum.

I have other questions, how can I contact you for more information?

Feel free to use the Contact Me form on my site. You can also reach me at any of my social media channels that are listed in the Contact Me sub-menu on my site.