The Yosemite Collection

The Yosemite Collection contains a vast array of photographs from my favorite location on Earth. I even wrote a blog post stating why I think it’s the “Greatest Location on Planet Earth”. I really hope that this collection shows just how special Yosemite is to my heart and why it should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Each image will be minted only once (with a supply of 1) and sold as a single edition!

Prices increase 25 ADA for each new NFT that is minted. Transactions for this collection can be found here. For more information on my NFT collections, check out my FAQ.

Policy ID: f04816687f5d5f2b9e6cd0723c87b8cc781def495a8ae8b49323e049

“Yosemite from Glacier Point”, Live and Available Now at here:
“Threading in Half”, Live and Available Now at here:
“Rock Temple”, Live and available on
“Jurassic Falls”, Live and available on here:

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